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Gain Control With Mobile Device Management

Is your IT staff managing your mobile environment? And if so, is it taking up all of their time? Don't burden your staff with mobility tasks that require their full attention. Get mobile device management to help alleviate that need. This solution makes it easy to manage, control, and enforce policies with ease. Acuity can help keep your data safe.

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  • At Acuity, we offer management and support solutions that help businesses reach their objectives. Our team of experts works closely with you. We begin by performing an initial assessment of your environment to determine whether your solution works for your specific organizational needs, and can assist with all software deployments and change requests. 

    As a mobility managed services provider, Acuity can help you select, design, and even implement a mobile device management platform. This solution can be used if your business has a BYOD policy in place and can help you manage, secure, and monitor your employees' mobile devices.

    What's more, Acuity will also manage the mobile device management platform as well as the client's mobile environment, giving you peace of mind and encouraging productivity, flexibility, and efficiency in the workplace. 

    Why Partner With Acuity?

    Data encryption enforcement

    Policy management and mobile app configuration

    Device inventory and tracking

    Remote wipe

    Partnering with Acuity for mobility managed services that include mobile device management software will ensure your business gets features such as:

    At Acuity, our partnerships which include AirWatch, Microsoft (InTune), MobileIron, SOTI resellers, and Microsoft, as well as our certifications, enable us to deploy the most effective mobile device management platforms on the market. Our competencies designing, deploying, and managing those software packages are some reasons businesses should consider partnering with Acuity.

    And, we have a lot more to offer. We've got you covered.

    Discover How Mobile Device Management

    Can Help Your Business

    Did you know it's possible to keep mobile devices and other endpoints that are in your network secure with software? With mobile device management software, your IT administrators will not only be able to secure all your devices easily but will also have the power to control and enforce policies that will protect your network – all without sacrificing their productivity. Discover how your business can keep up with mobility trends while ensuring the protection of your sensitive data.

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